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“No goal is beyond our reach”


At Waverley Academy, children come first and our priority is to deliver high quality teaching and learning whilst at the same time providing rich and truly enjoyable learning experiences for our community of children.  Everything we do as a school is to ensure that the children achieve their very best, and that they are socially and emotionally ready for academic success.  We are deeply aware that children only get one chance at their primary education and it is our job to ensure that they all reach for the highest levels of personal achievement and development.

The vision of the curriculum at Waverley Academy is to give all pupils the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in life. The Waverley Curriculum ethos aims to create a thirst for learning, through first hand experiences and stimulating hooks, that broaden horizons and pushes expected boundaries. Children will leave Waverley Academy successful, with a love of learning that remains with them for their next phase in education.



“Reach for the top of the tree and you may get to the first branch but reach for the stars and you’ll get to the top of the tree” – Lemn Sissay, MBE

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