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The intent of our English curriculum is to deliver a curriculum which is accessible to all and that will maximise the outcomes for every child so that they know more, remember more and understand more. As a result of this they will

To enable pupils to know more, remember more and understand more and use their writing skills as a means of demonstrating this;

  • To promote a positive and enthusiastic attitude towards writing;
  • To create an interest in words and their meanings in order to broaden vocabulary;
  • To create confident, independent writers and spellers;
  • To provide the chance for every child to become a writer;
  • To create writers who can re-read, edit and improve their own writing;
  • To create writers with a legible, joined and fluent handwriting style;
  • To prepare pupils for the next stages of their education;
  • To provide regular opportunities for pupils to write for a range of purposes and audiences;

· To develop a broad range of writing skills that can be applied to a wide range of text types and genres across the whole curriculum;

You can find more information of how and why we teach English in this way below.

English Curriculum Intent, Implementation and Impact statement