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Geography at Waverley Academy

At Waverley Academy our Geography curriculum is designed to enable all children,   to think geographically, understand the physical word around them and beyond, appreciate the diversity of cultures that exist across the world and most of all develop a curiosity and fascination about the world, which will inspire children to develop dreams and ambitions to explore the world further and become responsible global citizens.

We want all of our children to be able to develop these skills, no matter what their starting point may be, which is why our Geography journey begins in EYFS where children learn about people, cultures and communities and the natural world. Our curriculum then builds on this each year, developing and growing our children’s geographical skills so that by the end of KS2, they are well equipped to continue their geography education journey in KS3, with a passion already embedded.

Our curriculum covers all of the following:

  • Spatial Sense and geographical skills
  • Conceptual Understanding
  • Key geographical concepts
  • Locational knowledge
  • Place knowledge
  • Human and physical processes
  • British, European and World Geography
  • Knowledge about diverse place, people and environments
  • Becoming a responsible global citizen

Please find below our Intent, Implementation and Impact Statement;

Intent, Implementation and Impact statement Geography

Please find below our Long term plan for Geography;



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