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Oak Class visit Tropical World

The infants at Waverley Academy had a wonderful day in Tropical world. They encountered a wide range of exotic creatures from pink toed tarantulas to flat rock scorpions. They had the opportunity to hold some of these amazing creatures too. Some of the children said that they thought that the snakes would be wet and slimy and were very surprised at how smooth and dry the felt. Others giggled when the beetles that they were holding tickled their hands. Some children overcame their fear of creepy crawlies during their visit. Who knows we may have some children who will grow up to work with animals one day!

They learned about some endangered species too and how important it is to look after and care for all animals.

The children enjoyed finding out about the life cycle of a butterfly as they have been studying butterfly pupae and caterpillars at school before their visit.

When they were back in school they continued their work about mini beasts and have displayed it in school for everyone to admire. Later this month they will invite their parents to their class assembly to share their exciting learning with them too.

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