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Here at Waverley Academy we aim to give your children the very best education possible.

Don’t let your child miss out by poor attendance and lateness.

It is essential that your child attends the academy on time at 8.45am every day. If your child has to come through the school office, they will receive a Late Mark.

Your child’s years at Primary school are the most important time to begin their learning.

We are very supportive and welcome parents to contact us if there is a problem.  Please keep talking to us!

Being absent can seriously:

  • Stop your child’s progress and create gaps in their learning, plus every day absent from the academy is a day of lost learning
  • Affect your child’s friendships, it is harder for them to socialise and be part of a team
  • It is embarrassing for your child to walk into an already settled classroom and have to catch up.

Bad habits are hard to break – we can cope with minor illnesses like coughs and colds and if ever there was problem, we would contact you as soon as possible. In accordance with section 444(1) of the Education Act it is the parents’ responsibility to ensure their child receives both a regular and punctual education.


  1. Children who attend Primary school regularly achieve more in the long term and are better able to make transition into jobs or further education.  They learn at an early age about routine, boundaries and responsibility.
  2. Lateness is disruptive to ALL children.
  3. Holidays taken during term time will be unauthorised.  We only authorise holidays that meet the criteria for exemptions.
  4. For further information please request a copy of the Academy Attendance Policy.

Top Tips for Attendance

Routine is the Key to Success.
At home, routine is the key to making simple changes for success.

Here is a simple 6 point plan to try with the family:

  1. Going to school unprepared can be a major worry for children – help them by checking school bags the night before, packing P.E. bags and keeping an eye on their homework.
  2. Tired children aren’t punctual and find it hard to learn, so ensure your child has a sensible bed time.
  3. Help them get into a regular routine and set an alarm at the same time every morning.
  4. Make time for breakfast or send them to our breakfast club for 8am.
  5. Children can become unsettled if they have to go into the academy late and without their friends.
  6. Have a memory board at home for special trips or activities to help remind you and help them remember to prepare for it.

Try to be strict on absences and show your child that attending the academy is a priority to you and key to their success


Please take a look at our Astrea Attendance Policy 2022-23 and Flow Chart for further information.

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