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Chestnut Class go back in time!

Y3 have been studying the Stone Age. 

The Stone Age is brought to life for the children by having a visit from ‘Real History Alive’.

The intrepid pair, Explorer Daisy Jones and her associate, Stone Age man ‘Ug’ spent all day with the children and helped them to build on their existing knowledge of the Stone Age whilst further developing their archaeological skills and vocabulary. They worked with them to create Stone Age homes, appreciate Cave art, as well as taking part in hunting activities and researching and making Stone Age homes.

The children had a really exciting day. It began with a whole school, interactive presentation with stories, songs and plenty of prehistoric action!

Back in class, the children had the opportunity to dress as Cave people. It was very funny to see Mrs McGlone dressed as a Stone Age woman; including the wig!

The children are very knowledgeable now about Stone Age man and the essential role they played in the history of the human race. They will present their work to parents in an assembly this month.

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